MAnnitol for Cerebral o Edema after Intra Cerebral Haemorrhage

EudraCT 2022-000283-22
Room S/D2105, Stroke Trials Unit
School of Medicine, University of Nottingham
Queen's Medical Centre, Derby Road
Nottingham NG7 2UH, United Kingdom
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  • Serious Adverse Events (SAEs) — we have a legal responsibility to collect all SAEs occurring within the first 28 days after randomisation (including SARs/SUSARs/fatal SAEs).
  • Please remember that fatal SAEs and safety outcome events – thrombophlebitis, hyper-/hyponatraemia, pulmonary oedema, hypotension and renal impairment – need to be reported until the final month 6 follow-up, even if this is after 28 days.
  • Investigators have a legal responsibility to report applicable SAEs to the chief investigator without delay, within 24 hours.

Latest recruiting hospitals
Nottingham TEST hospital, NOTTINGHAM, UK
Derby TEST hospital, DERBY, UK
Average time to randomisation (last 6 months)
# Hours Hospital
2 12.9 Nottingham TEST hospital, NOTTINGHAM, UK