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ssSIP trial – Swallow Strength and Skill training with biofeedback In Post-stroke dysphagia

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  (updated 12 days ago)
  • Screening and eligibility v1.3
  • Screening assessment v1.0
  • Measured outcome v1.1
  • Strength skill assessment v1.0
  • Videofluoroscopy v1.2
  • Therapy session v1.0
  • Day 15 follow-up v1.0
  • Day 90 follow-up v1.0
  • Dysphagia handicap index at day 90 v1.1
  • Resource use at day 90 v1.1
  • Discharge or death in hospital v1.1
  • Protocol violation v1.0
  • Withdrawal notification v1.1
  • Serious Adverse Event v1.0
  • Data correction request v1.0
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